How to Measure a Room

Trying to measure how much flooring you require can be a little challenging but of course its an essential piece of information to start getting quotes for what you might need. We have a really simple method that will have you measuring up your house or commercial space in no-time!

If your room is a simple rectangle the measurement is a relatively easy one to make. Start by taking a measurement of the length and then the width of your room and multiply it together. For example if your room is 5m long and 4m wide, the calculation is 5 x 4 = 20m squared of flooring that you will need.

Now we understand that a lot of rooms arent perfectly rectangular, if this is the case the easiest option is to break your floorplan out into multiple rectangular or square shapes that can be individually calculated and then added together, giving a total floor space.

Additional Note:

Its standard practice to add an additional 5% onto your total room size in order to account for any wastage that occurs during the installation procedure.

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