Luxury Vinyl Flooring Guide

When we think of vinyl flooring it’s easy to be transported back to the 1970’s and thinking about disco, dj’s and flares but it’s now being used to make stunning flooring solutions.

The fact it is offered in sheets, tiles and planks makes it a versatile and simple solution and suitable for just about any room. It also has the added advantage of being easy to clean and maintain.

Whether you are looking for the natural texture and look of stone, slate, ceramic or wood the Karndean vinyl flooring range has it all but without the expensive price tag. Each tile is handcrafted to reflect the unique patterns of real stone and wood to create a unique look for your home, or commercial space.

If you dream of a wooden floor but know it’s not a practical choice due to animals, children and just general wear and tear then vinyl flooring is perfect for you.

The non-porous surface is hygienic and you don’t have worry about staining from food and drink, it’s water resistant, so it won’t warp like the real thing would, non slippy and hard wearing. It’s also quiet to walk on and feels soft underfoot.

Should any tiles or planks become damaged, the individual sections can be replaced; meaning the process is both cost and time efficient and there is minimal disruption.


While our estimator is in your home they will determine what is needed to properly to prepare your sub-floor for installing your vinyl floor. Unfortunately, there are times when unforeseen issues will arise upon removing your existing floor. If items such as old adhesives, loose sub-floor, rot, insect damage or mould are found it must be addressed before installing your new vinyl floor.

If we can repair the floor for you an extra charge will apply but in some cases another contractor will be required to perform the repairs before we can carry out the work. ShoreFloors is not responsible for unforeseen issues.

On the day of installation

To ensure installation is as quick and simple as possible we ask customers to remove all personal items, clothing, toys, small furniture and breakables from the rooms affected. In bedrooms, we also ask for closets to be emptied, drawers removed from dressers and linen from beds to make the process as simple as possible.

It is also essential to disconnect and remove any electronics, computers, TV’s before the installer arrives at your home.

We will remove doors and re-hang them as needed; however, if they need to be cut, to fit the new flooring, they will be left off so you can arrange to have them cut by another contractor, as this is not something we do.

ShoreFloors does also not move delicate or large items, so you will need to make your own arrangements to have these items moved in advance.

To install your floor successfully the temperature must remain at a steady 65 degrees, so your HVAC system must be operational for us to install your floor.

ELECTRICAL / ALARM WIRES AND PIPES – ShoreFloors is not responsible for any cut, pierced or broken electrical/alarm wires or pipes that are improperly fitted in walls, along baseboards, under floors and not in accordance with your local building code.

Care and maintenance

BUBBLES – You may notice some bubbles in your sheet vinyl floor after installation but don’t worry this is common and they usually disappear within 24 hours. If they are still visible after this period then please contact the installation department.

VINYL TILES AND PLANK FLOORS – These products are designed to have a “tile” or “wood” appearance, so you may notice lines and minor gaps in these products, as they mimic the ‘natural’ look.

GROUTABLE VINYL – The grout used during installation is very similar to ceramic grout, so it must be allowed to cure for 48 hours before being exposed to water. You may notice a slight grout haze but this can be buffed after 24 hours with a damp towel or sponge.

PROTECTION – Despite being hard wearing vinyl can tear or gouge if not protected properly during the moving of heavy appliances or objects. To ensure no damage is caused install felt pads on all furniture and chairs. If you have rolling chairs, make sure the area is kept free of sand and dirt or damage could occur and there is no warranty against damage caused by such items.

WALL / BASEBOARDS / CEILING NAIL POPS – Our installers will always operate using caution while in your home to prevent marking baseboards and walls, however some minor scratching and marking can occur during the removal of old flooring. ShoreFloors is not responsible nor do we reimburse for minor scratches, marks and nail pops in ceilings.

You must be present when the installers arrive to review the job, confirm style and colour. ShoreFloors Pty Ltd is not responsible for any claims due to style and colour once the vinyl is installed. Please understand an extra service charge may apply for any extra work incurred due to unforeseen problems with your sub-floor or lack of proper preparation leading to extra time spent on your job by the installers.
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